Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Adoption Poems

What was given to them they passed on to me
A gift of warmth, caring, and love
Together made a family.
I thought I'd go on through this life, just one

Then something started to growA sense of something undone.
I realized what was missing was a child of my own

A collage of sunshine and laughter
Seeing friends with their children helped me set the tone.
But I knew I was beyond the point of actually giving birth

And I knew so many were without parentsLiving in different places all over this earth.
The red thread was tangled and I couldn't see

As it straightened, my vision slowly cleared
And I followed its lead.
My child was across the ocean, many miles awayIn a land rich with wonder and beauty

The oldest civilization, some even say.
So my journey finally started with a direction known

I'm coming to get you Katie, to bring you home
And what I will give you was passed on to me
Warmth, caring, and love, together a family.


A red thread to China was cast todayFrom us to a child so far away.
This thread symbolizes an attachment of hearts
That distance alone can’t keep us apart.
Her mother and I are caught in a chase
That time alone will bring us to face
This loving young child we want so much to greet

With love in our hearts before we did meet.
This tiny, thin thread may stretch, tangle or frayBut our love for her grows stronger each day.
Through the test of time it won’t break or severShe’ll be part of us forever and ever.
With oceans between us, the distance is spanned
By a love that is greater than man could have planned.
For God in His mercy loved her and us
And decided our family would be a great plus.
So for now we’ll just love her and pray every day
That God keeps her and loves her for us till we may
Travel to China, that land of great past,
To the side of our daughter, to hold her at last.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wheaton Bible's First Service - 7-20-08

Today was our first service at our new church. What a change from our old church. So much more room. It's just a longer drive for us so we will need to decide other ways to go to avoid some of the traffic lights. Seemed to take forever yesterday. It just doesn't seem possible that after almost 10 years of planning it's finally done. If God can build a church he can sure bring our girls home to us soon too.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

National Anthems - China, Kyrgyzstan & USA

Click here to hear Kyrgyzstan's National Anthem

Click here to hear China's National Anthem:

Click here to hear USA's National Anthem:

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July Happenings

Our Birthday Boys...

The Great Chef

49th Anniversary
Happy 4th every one!

It was a busy day yesterday. I trust everyone enjoyed their holiday. We started our day at our annual Parade. This year it just seemed a little too political. After that we did some errans and then our picnic started around 5:30. There were 13 in all. We had a perfect day for the 4th. After our picnic we headed to the fireworks. It's been a while since we actually saw fireworks. It was fun to see them again. Along with our country's birthday we also celebrated our parent's 49th Anniversary and our 2 furry boys birthday. We took some pictures that I've attached. Enjoy the pictures.

The Day after the 4th was another perfect weather day. We got up and took a walk around our neighborhood. We then went to our French Market in town. Always fun to see what they have there. Then we came back and hung out at our pool for the rest of the afternoon.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Beginnings for Wheaton Bible Church...

Welcome to Wheaton Bible Church.

Last night we all toured the new church. Wow!! That's all I can say. It's really amazing. It's just so big and so different from the other church. It's sure going to be hard to find people we know now. The murals on the walls for the kid's sunday school rooms are wonderful as you can see. It's just so strange to be in a new church after 46 years of attending the other one. But it didn't seem to strange in some ways. Out with the with the new. I think it's going to be nice to have a new church that is just so much larger.