Monday, December 29, 2008

Let's have faith like Horton for 2009

I was just reading an update I get from ICF and there was something that was in there that I felt was really good to share. Thinking back on 2008 we all had plans and hopes of certain things happening. Those in the adoption world especially. We all had hope that we'd have our little ones for sure for Christmas 2008. But Christmas has come and gone and we still have no children.

But...our paths are really chosen by God even though we have our own agenda...Right? We all have a day planner, but we have to give God the eraser. We have faith and we have to rely on it.

Having Faith in the Unseen
Horton Hears a Who" is chock-full of parables about taking things on faith. While the other animals in the Jungle of Nool where Horton lives believe only in what they can see, hear and touch, Horton has the openness and sensitivity--not to mention imagination--to make room in his heart for a larger worldview. His great (some might say godlike) ears can hear the tiny voices of the Whos on their microscopic world, and his even greater spirit can conceive of something wondrous that exists beyond the visible. Yet Horton's faith is also in himself--when others question his perceptions, Horton stands firm and continues to believe in that little voice he hears in his head, staying faithful 100%. Horton's faith allows for wonderful new experiences to come into his life. It also makes him a steadfast and true person with a strong sense of self. Though it can be tough for him when he's alone in his beliefs, it's ultimately vastly rewarding.

The Highlights from 2008:

Looking back the past year I wanted to list the "good things" of 2008. The past months have been sort of gloomy...either health issues, financial issues, I thought I'd at least put down the good things that have happened this past year.

  • Our wonderful trip to Aspen/Vail in Sept.
  • Meeting Ryan from the Bachelorette/Vail - Sept
  • Our trip to the Wisconsin Dells - August
  • Sharing fun times with friends that we don't see much - May /August
  • Our new Church building - July
  • Our new Office building - October
  • Semi good news from Kyrgyzstan - Dec

Happy New Year Everyone!


Sherri & Todd said...

Happy New Year - Ladies.

We got your card in the mail today.
Lets hope this is our year coming, even if it's in Dec - I will take that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying every night from here on out.


PS....please check out our blog, Sam was learning how to ride a bike today and I got it on video a few will laugh, we're so proud of him.

Kimberly said...

Hi Martha and Mary - this is Kimberly from the Kyrgyz Single's yahoo group. I love this post! Especially the idea of faith opening us to new experiences! I agree - our paths belong to the Lord - so what have we got to worry about?